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Unicorn Level 4 Tungsten Plated Darts Set

Unicorn Level 4 Tungsten Plated Darts Set

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The Unicorn Level 4 Tungsten Plated Dart Set!

Unicorn have been at the forefront of the darting world for over 80 years, having designed and engineered the most successful darts in the industry and winning more World Titles than any other brand.

Precision engineered Tungsten barrels featuring red and white ringed slimline barrels, Gripper 3 Two-Tone Shafts, Michael Smith "Bully Boy" .100 UltraFly Flights and available in two weights. 

The Unicorn Level 4 Darts are designed as the perfect introduction to Tungsten Barrel Darts as well as the discerning player.

  • Tungsten Barrel.

  • 23G/25G.

  • Michael Smith "Bully Boy" .100-micron UltraFly Flights.

  • Gripper 3 Two-Tone Shafts.

  • Endorsed by PDC Star Michael Smith.

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