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KKB Pro 3.0 Slim Fit Batting Pads

KKB Pro 3.0 Slim Fit Batting Pads

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Designed for those with a smaller frame, the Pro 3.0 Slim Fit Batting Pad features a Slim Fit Profile, Moulded Foam Styling, and Pro Tec Internal Knee roll for a compact leg guard with high protective qualities.

  • Slim Fit Moulded Foam Styling
  • Ergonomic Pro Tec Internal Knee Roll
  • Super Soft Three Piece Internal Bolsters
  • Double Horizontal Bolster Reinforcement
  • Three Piece External Knee Roll
  • Moulded Extended Side Wing
  • Padded Straps with Velcro Closure
  • Durable Instep Piping
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