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KKB Pro 2.0 Lightweight Batting Pads

KKB Pro 2.0 Lightweight Batting Pads

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Made for players that like to move with speed, the Pro 2.0 Lightweight Batting Pad features Lightweight Bevelled Foam Styling, Pro Tec Internal Knee Roll, and Double Horizontal Bolster Reinforcement for a lighter, highly protective leg guard.

  • Lightweight Bevelled Foam Styling
  • Ergonomic Pro Tec Internal Knee Roll
  • Super Soft Three Piece Internal Bolsters
  • Double Horizontal Bolster Reinforcement
  • Three Piece External Knee Roll
  • Moulded Extended Side Wing
  • Padded Straps with Velcro Closure
  • Durable Instep Piping
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