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Fusion Multi Stump (Half & Full size)

Fusion Multi Stump (Half & Full size)

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The Fusion Multi Stump Shorty!


The Fusion is available in two sizes, a regular size and also a shorty size.

The Full size is ideal as a target for throwing, bowling and allows for deflections during wicketkeeprer training.

The Shorty has been introduced due to popular demand. Measuring 14 inches in height the Shorty is perfect for focusing bowlers and fielders towards hitting the base of the stump.

At 14 Inches high, the Shorty is made from the same flexible and resilient material as the Multi-stump and incorporates the bolt attachment so that it can be easily used on grass, using a spike. This bolt attachment is also compatible with the Fusion Multi Stump base.

The purpose of the Shorty is to focus the mind of a bowler or fielder on hitting the base of the stump and is a very useful aid to the coach and player.


Both stumps Come with multi-stump and spike attachment.

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