Proud to be a CommUnity Merchant


Looking for ways to fundraise?

It works like this…

Anyone with a New Zealand bank account can register as a CommUnity Member. That might be you, your friends or whānau.

When you register, they will ask you to choose up to three CommUnity Groups to receive a small percentage of every in-store and/or online purchases you make - If you are paying directly from your bank account or by using any of your eftpos, debit or credit cards. 

All funds raised are paid to CommUnity. CommUnity then deposit 60% of the total amount raised from all CommUnity Members’ transactions at CommUnity Merchants into the relevant CommUnity Group accounts, each quarter. The remaining 40% goes into ‘The CommUnity Fund’ where all money after operating expenses, goes back to the community through an application process designed to cater for future projects or programs. CommUnity is providing untagged funds for annual operations (the 60%) as well as funding for future projects and programs (40%). CommUnity has the ability to fund up to 100% of the funding required for the successful project or program applicants. CommUnity will work alongside all other funding agencies to make your plans a reality.



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