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Superband Green - Ultralight

Superband Green - Ultralight

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Perform pull-ups, chin-ups and dips for the first time, or achieve more reps than ever before with the PTP SuperBand. Regardless of your fitness level, the SuperBand's resistance will help you lift your own bodyweight, making it easier to build upper body strength and to sculpt your arms, back and abs. The SuperBands are also suitable for standard stretching pre and post workout, or explosive training exercises by simply running against the resistance. Maximise your sessions with the PTP SuperBand.

Pull-ups/chin-ups and dips made easier and accessible to both men and women

The resistance of the SuperBands works at your advantage...

SuperBands make chin-ups & dips easier

Suitable for most resistance exercises and stretches

Colour coded resistance levels for easy choice

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