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Ritual Velocity 75

Ritual Velocity 75

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Velocity 75 is our mid-range Velocity model. It’s forged from 75% premium Japanese carbon, which puts it neatly between the Velocity 55 and Velocity 95. All three sticks feature the same innovative design profile: an aggressive 24mm low curve, late 250mm bow point, 45° head angle and 390mm balance point. This makes the Velocity 75 one of our most well-rounded high-performance sticks. Good for every position and play-style. The 75% carbon construction offers a nice blend of power, speed and control, with razor-sharp flicking potential. *Includes an EVA Foam wrap increasing cushioning and comfort, while the Super Soft grip provides extra traction.


- Power Rating: 10/10   

- Fiber Composition : 75% Carbon, 20% Fibreglass 5% Kevlar 

- Bow: Low Bow  

- Targeted Weight: 522g

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