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MultiBand + Pack

MultiBand + Pack

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Kickstart your resistance training with the versatile PTP MediBand+ 3 Pack. Constructed from premium latex, the bands are ideal to add challenge to basic exercises and condition muscles for functional and sports specific movements. With the multi-purpose MediBand+ such as muscular strength, stretching and flexibility, muscle toning or motor coordination. The flat bands can be easily tied to an anchor point or looped together for versatile exercises. Whether you are working towards a chin-up or undertaking your pre-game or rehab work. Because it works with the force of elastic resistance to create a continuum of tension, the PTP MediBand+ 3...

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Material: Multi-layered premium grade latex for smooth resistance

Flat band design allows you to anchor to a point or tie bands together for multi-purpose use

Pack includes 3x MediBandX with resistance levels light, medium and heavy for custom use

Versatile design ideal for whole-body conditioning

Includes over 40 Pilates-inspired exercises for full body conditioning

Dimensions: 15cm x 50cm

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