Mediband Ultimate Silver 9.6kg/21.1lbs

Mediband Ultimate Silver 9.6kg/21.1lbs

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The PTP Medibad Ultimate Silver!

By delivering progressive resistance training, the PTP MediBand is the most effective way to add challenge to popular gym exercises and properly condition muscles for functional and sports specific movements.

It can also increase body awareness, motor-coordination and joint stabilisation, contribution to injury prevention and posture correction.

This Ultimate MediBand is our heaviest, and, at no less than 9.6 kg worth of tension, it is specifically designed for strength and muscle building.

It will suit athletes or individuals who already possess a great amount of strength, acquired from regular gym training or physical activity.

As the MediBand is highly compact and lightweight, it represents a convenient training option to workout at home, outdoors or while travelling.

The 40+ exercises included will help you maximise results and target every major muscle group.

Recommended for strong individuals and athletes.

Ideal for functional training to improve sports performance and mobility and prevent injuries.

For muscular strength, flexibility, posture correction and joint stabilisation.

Perfect to train anywhere/stay fit on your travels.

Comes with over 40 exercises for whole body training.

Made from 100% premium latex | 3 x stretching capacity | 15 x 150 cm.

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