Mediband + 3 Pack

Mediband + 3 Pack

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This special combo pack contains 3 resistance levels - Light, Medium and Heavy, designed for all fitness levels and goals. Featuring multi-layered latex, the Mediband is designed to deliver progressive resistance training by effectively conditioning muscles for functional and sports specific movements.

- Ideal for stretching & flexibility, muscle toning or motor coordination

- Weight rating featured on bands for convenience

- User-friendly poster to maximise results (40+ exercises)

- Made from premium combined natural latex for optimal comfort and durability

- Dimensions: 150cm x 15cm | 59.05" x 5.91"

PERFORMANCE & MOBILITY: Add challenge to basic exercises and condition your muscles for functional and sports specific movement.

STRENGTH, STABILITY & FLEXIBILITY: Redefine the way you train by not only strengthening your musculoskeletal system but also improving your range of motion and motor coordination.

TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: Tone and shape all muscle groups with exercises carefully designed by a Pilates expert to prevent muscle imbalances.

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