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Diadem Hero - Pickleball Starter Kit

Diadem Hero - Pickleball Starter Kit

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The DIADEM HERO STARTER KIT is the perfect bundle for the first time pickleball playersof all ages. Included is everything you need but the court.  Two Hero Paddles (one orange, one blue) and 2 pickleball balls plus a mesh bag.  Its wide face gives you the maximum surface area to contact the ball as you are learning. Utilizing the same HMT fiber as our Riptide line, the Hero is light weight and easy to swing. The thicker bumper prevents damage during your learning days on the court. At 14mm thick and 8mm honeycomb core, power will be easy to come by. The next pickleball champion starts here.

Includes 2 paddles, 2 balls, and a mesh carry bag.

Specs:                                    Hero Paddle
Weight                                   215g
Length                                    396mm
Width                                     198mm
Thickness                               14.22mm
Balance                                 225 mm
Honeycomb Density           8mm PP
Construction                        Glass Fibre
Handle Length                     127mm
Handle Size                           101mm
Grip Size:                                4″ (G0)

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