Core Sliders - 2 pack

Core Sliders - 2 pack

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Improve your core stability, strength and flexibility with efficient and dynamic stretching exercises. Efficient dynamic workout solution. Add a dynamic dimension to your exercises and take your performance to the next level.

Core Sliders provide an efficient workout by challenging your core stability, cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility all at the same time. Most importantly, combining dynamic stretches with your mountain climbers, push ups, lunges, planks and squats will help you recruit all major muscles core and stabiliser muscles included on a deeper level and improve your metabolic rate to burn fat more effectively.

Functional sports training for all fitness levels. Because the Core Sliders let you move forward, backward, side to side and rotationally without restrictions, they are fun to use and perfect for functional sports training. By simply narrowing or widening your grip or foot positioning, you can increase or decrease the level of challenge of your chosen exercises.

You can also vary the pace and number of repetitions. Therefore, whether you are a complete beginner or a professional athlete, you can easily customise your workout to suit your own needs. Optimal functionality and convenience. The Core Sliders feature a streamlined ergonomic design that perfectly fits hands and feet. The sturdy construction makes for maximum durability, whilst the smooth dual surface allows for easy glide on both carpet and hardwood floor, without causing scratches.


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