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Burn Warrior Warp Pro Head

Burn Warrior Warp Pro Head

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With their 25 years of industry expertise in pocket designs, Warrior Sports continues their game changing line with countless hours of research and input from the best lacrosse athletes in the world. New, varying diamond patterns with multiple raised shooters provide traditional feel and a smooth release, constantly improving on the Warp pocket and adding superior control. The Burn Warp Pro comes in a mid-low pocket with two new whip offerings, Whip 1 and Whip 3. Whip 1 has the lowest amount of whip and our quickest release, perfect for an attackman or midfielder that operates in close and needs to get feeds/shots off as quickly as possible. The Whip 3 has a quick release but offers added whip for those that need the added hold/shot speed to shoot from the outside. Designed for the elite attackman or midfielder., the new Warrior Burn Warp Pro maximizes shot speed and accuracy from the outside, and delivers a consistent pocket and delivery every time, no strings attached.

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