Adi Divox 1.9 Hockey Shoe W

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Every stride counts. These hockey shoes are built with TRAXION grip on the outsole to get you inside the circle. They have a well-cushioned midsole and a supportive upper to help you hold a powerful presence on the pitch. TRAXION OUTSOLE This outsole provides maximum grip in all directions when performing manoeuvres at speed without excessive pressure on the foot. The Divox 1.9s also incorporates a rotation and stabilization tread zone. It is lightweight but durable. SYNTHETIC OVERLAYS The welded foil overlays enhance the durability of the shoe. STABILIZATION BAND Locks down the midfoot for a stabilized fit to prevent excessive shearing movements. CUSHIONED MIDSOLE Provides enhanced comfort, flexibility and shock absorption while the EVA midsole provides step-in comfort. AIR MESH A breathable mesh midfoot allowing fast drying and breathability ensuring a snug fit and decreasing water absorption. SOCK CONSTRUCTION The partial sock-like construction and comfortable textile lining ensures a snug fit.