Adidas Queen Jnr Hockey Stick

Adidas Queen Jnr Hockey Stick

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Featuring a cushioned grip for comfort and control with a curved construction for extra power. The shaft shape with a mid-bow profile offers a straighter feeling for accurate and powerful passes across the field. The soft touch enables them to develop the best technique, the bold color and graphic stand for their mission to leave an impression in the years to come.


Perfect control in all situations, the classic rounded head shape enables smooth handling and easy ball control for the younger player.


With a bow that peaks three-quarters of the way down the shaft, this is the ideal shape for beginners in the game to develop their skills. That said it is still a brilliant stick for experienced players who prefer playing with a stick with a straighter shape.


The stick handle is wrapped in polyurethane tape for a comfortable, secure, cushioned grip.


Contains 95% Wood/ 5% Glass Fibre / 0% Aramid 

Weight 542 GM +/-

Balance -


Point of Maximum Bow from bottom 300MM

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